5 turntables for any music lover

5 turntables for any music lover

Let’s take it back to 1895, when the first commercial record player was released.

The debut of the record player intrigued many while its capabilities crafted allure and its sound created joy.

That was until the radio took over the music scene and pushed vinyl to the sidelines.

It seemed as if turntables were done for until DJs of the 80s and 90s started to use them as a rhythmic instrument.

Now, it’s as if record players never left, as music gurus are turning back to the beloved electronic to listen to coveted vinyls.

Turntables also now offer bluetooth pairing, AM and FM radio, AUX plugins and more.

Keep reading to find the best record player for you. Options include record players with speakers, bluetooth record players, portable record players and more.

Mahogany vintage recond player

Victrola was created in 1906 and has been filling your space with sound ever since.

The brand’s Victrola Aviator Signature 8-in-1 record player includes a three-speed turntable, a CD player, cassette player, USB plugin, FM radio, bluetooth capability and built-in stereo speakers.

Victrola also understands not wanting to blast your music for all to hear. That’s why the brand even included an AUX plugin, an RCA jack and headphone jack. Three replacement needles and 10 record sleeves are also included.

Sleek black turntable
Best Buy

People have relied on Sony for years, and their bluetooth record player is just another reason to keep loving the brand.

As Sony puts it, you can “enjoy timeless vinyl in modern quality.” Features include a wireless turntable, bluetooth connectivity, high-quality audio, customizable playback and a built-in phono audio output.

You can also look forward to adorning your space with it minimalistic body and single button design.

Teal and black portable record player

Picture this: You’re headed off to the park to enjoy a lovely picnic with friends. You wish you could bring your record player, but that’s just not possible — or is it?

Well, now it is with Victrola’s Revolution GO.

This portable bluetooth record player comes fully loaded with three speeds, an Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge, stereo speakers and the brand’s Vinyl Stream technology, which allows you to stream your records to any external Bluetooth speaker.

Best of all, you don’t need to plug this portable record player in to a power source. Instead, you simple charge the battery before you go. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours of continuous playback.

Sky blue suitcase record player

Crosley is another record player classic, and we love the Crusier Deluxe Turntable.

The brand’s most popular turntable is designed in a beautiful suitcase-style shell, allows you to change the record’s speed with pitch control and even offers bluetooth connectivity.

Feel free to also throw on some headphones or add powered speakers through the RCA ports.

Black sleek record player

Why yes, we would love a fully automatic record player.

This one from Audio Technica is simple to use yet still delivers top quality performance. How do we know? Because it delivers high fidelity audio, operates on two speeds and features an anti-resonance aluminum platter.

Additionally, the design is sleek, modern and compact.

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