Month: September 2021

art design

VW And Art Students Imagine Future Long-Distance Mobility Concepts


A Volkswagen Group of America student design project explores future mobility concepts for long-distance traveling.

VW’s Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC) recently concluded its first-ever “Long Distance Mobility and Living Space” project. According to VW, it was “an Academy of Art University class aimed at collaborating with innovative firms to deliver immersive, hands-on

Glading Marteen

Features of the Leica M Series


leica camera

Leica Camera, AG (=/ La K Zoom/LC), is a German firm that makes photographic lenses, photographic cameras, binoculars and microscope instruments. The company was established by Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar, Germany in 1869 ( Ernst Leitz Wettlar). Since then, the brand has grown to become an international leader in the field of photography. It is …

Glading Marteen