12 absolutely free tools for electronic music production

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has long held water, particularly in a music production context. But, casting our eyes upon the vast expanse of mixing tools, instruments, synths, drum machines, DAWs and the like that we’re now able to take without shedding a coin, reveals that today our industry is bursting with generous folk, less motivated by premium prices, and driven instead by passion and inventiveness.

The fruits of these creators’ altruistic free-wares have evolved beyond the simple and disposable. One only has to look at such expansive free synths as the DX7-inspired, open-source Dexed, the dizzying sonic possibilities of VCV Rack 2, or the subtractive hybrid engines that lay in the mighty Surge, to realise that not only are you getting bang for no bucks these days, but that any of the above could easily form the bedrock of a release-ready track.